Flaming Lips fr. The Terror, "Try To Explain"
Grouper fr. The Man Who Died in His Boat, "Cloud in Places"
Arrowz, "Believers"
Atlas Sound fr. Parallax, "The Shakes"
Banshee fr. Battle Head, "Innards"
Look Away fr. Eyeball EP, "Cut Your Eyes Out"
Feral Children fr. Currents EP, "Dance Machine"
Collic fr. RDP Various 2012, "Lift Up Every Hawaiian and Sing"
Zebra Pulse fr. Heh, Vay Bae-Bays, "My Hands Sparkle Like Lemons"
Savages fr. Silence Yourself, "City's Fill"
The LadMags, "Lover"
Homeshake, "Moon Woman"



Suuns fr. Images du Futur, "Edie's Dream"
Ladyfrnd fr. Ladyfrnd, "un petit message"
Desert Stars fr. Habit Shackles, "Farewell Decade"
The Strugglefucks fr. We'll Take A Hammer To Your Mailbox, "Swimmin' Around"
Frank Love fr. Live Demo, "Hate The Deal"
The Spits fr. The Spits V, "All I Want"
Coachwhips fr. Burgers vs. Fuckers, "Dance Floor"
Queens of the Stoneage fr. ....like clockwork, "If I Had A Tail"
PJ Harvey fr. Uh Huh Her, "Who The Fuck"
Red Fang fr. Murder the Mountains, "Into the Eye"
True Widow fr. Circumambulation, "Four Teeth"
Windhand fr. Windhad, "Heap Wolves"
El Ten Eleven fr. El Ten Eleven, "Thinking Loudly"



Shooting Guns fr. Born to Deal in Magic:1952-1976, "Black Hand"
The Strugglefucks fr. We'll Take A Hammer To Your Mailbox, "Fail"
The Stepmothers fr. Goodnight/Devil on the Run, "Devil on the Run"
Windhand fr. Soma, "Orchard"
Melvins fr. Nude With Boots, "The Smiling Cobra"
Queens of the Stoneage fr. ...like clockwork, "I sat by the ocean"
True Widow fr. True Widow, "Corpse Master"
Follow That Bird fr. Monofunus Singles Collection, "Where They Rest"
Lower Dens fr. Nootropics, "Stem"
Desert Stars fr. Habit Shackles, "Habit Shackles"



Pigeon Breeders fr. Oblique Temperatures, "Did Not Want?Did Not Have"
Jom Comyn fr. Sunstroke EP, "Hatchet in Garage"
Shooting Guns fr. Born To Deal In Magic 1952-1976, "dopestrings"
Morals fr. Morals, "He Didn't Come Back For You"
Diehatzu Hijets fr. doo doo bros, "Cut Yourself free"
Strugglefucks fr. We'll Take A Hammer To Your Mailbox, "Soul"
Catgut fr. Fightpicker, "Truce"
Gary Debussy fr. Gary Debussy, "Songs"
Banshee fr. Banshee, "Brother in Me"
Book of Caverns fr. Book of Caverns/Damages 7" split, "Subsuburban"



Look Away fr. Eyeball EP, "Mad Girls Love Song"
Banshee, "Art in the Dark"
Rhythm of Cruelty, "In Time"
Zebra Pulse fr. Heh, Vay Bae-Bays, "Hillbilly Galactic"
Energetic Action fr. Becoming, "Nightwood"
Pigeon Breeders fr. luminous debris, "INT ///"
Free Judges, "cradle me to sleep"
Taiwan, fr. TAIWAN / Hobo Cubes 12", "Red Room"
Look Away fr. Eyeballs EP, "At the End"


Continuum fr. Planetary Collective, "Overview"
Free Kitten  fr. Inherit, "Bananas"
Kinski  fr. Spacelaunch for Frenchie, "Floundering & Fluctuating"
Fidlar fr. Fidlar, "Stoked and Broke"
Shellac fr. 1000 Hurts, "Shoe Song"
Hooded Fang fr. Graves, "Ode to Subterrania"
Brazilian Money fr. This is Not a Dream, "Party 'til I'm Dead"
OJ Pimpson fr. First Grade, "Luv 4 U bebe"
The Vicious Cycles fr. The Strange and Terrible Saga of..., "Keep your hands of my bike"
The Mandates fr. The Mandates, "Photo In My Wallet Pt. II"
The Royal Iguana Fur fr. Bright White Coat Hanger, "Stifle"
Catgut fr. Fightpicker, "Chewball"
The Evens fr. The Evens, "Blessed Not Lucky"
WIRE fr. Send, "Mr. Marx's Table"




Flesh Lights fr. Too Big To Fail, "Flashback to Majestic"
Black Cock fr. Robot Child With A God Complex, "Starfleet Destroyer"
A Giant Dog fr. Bone, "Lady Slut"
Arrowz, "Believers"
The Strugglefucks fr. We'll  Take A Hammer To Your Mailbox, "Swimmin' Around"
The Famines fr. Complete Collected Singles 2008-2011, "faux famous"
The Golden Boys fr. Goodbye Country, "Circle in Hell"
Followed By Static fr. Smiles/Bones 7", "Bones"
Bonspiel fr. Tell Me About It EP, "Dropshot"
The Betrayers fr. Treat Me Mean EP, "Call Me When You're Blue"
Lad Mags fr. Lad Mags, "Sex Neat"
The Slates, "Veritie"
Nazi Gold fr. A Message of Love, "Rhythm"
Woodgrain fr. War Orbit, "Once Thru The Heart"
Magnet School fr. Fur and Velvet, "Swan Dive"



Pre-Austin Psych Fest Warm-Up

A Place to Bury Strangers "Missing You"
Metz "Negative Space"
Odonis Odonis "Better"
Low Times "I totally love you"
Cosmonauts "Wear Your Hair Like A Weapon"
Black Ryder "Grass"
Tamaryn fr. Tender New Signs, "Garden"
Suuns "2020"
Boris "Party Boy"
Goat "The Sun The Moon"
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Let The Day Begin"



Atoms for Peace fr. Amok, "Ingenue"
Lusine fr. The Waiting Room, "By This Sound"
Austra fr. Feel It Break, "Spellwork"
Amon Tobin fr. ISAM, "Journeyman"
Bjork fr. Bastards, "Crystalline (Omar Souleyman Remix)"
Daedelus fr. Bespoke, "Penny Loafers ft. Inara George"
Darkstar fr. North, "Gold"
Vladislav Delay fr. Tummaa, "Tunnelivisio"
Deru fr. Say Goodbye To Useless, "I would like" and "I want"
Chelsea Wolfe fr. Apokalypsis, "Demons"
Myths fr. Myths, "Deadlights"
Autechre fr. Oversteps, "qplay"
Eleazar VS John fr. Pits in the Sandblaster, "When Your'e Built Like That"



Pissed Jeans fr. Honeys, "Romanticize Me"
Free Judges, "The Bell"
Andy Boay, music from "RIP Eifdn AOD Suite"
Daniel Johnston fr. Fear Yourself, "Mountain Top"
Sir Ma'am Ma'am, "Papermate"
The Royal Iguana Fur fr. Bright White Coat Hanger, "I Put My Hand In The Pan"
Travis Bretzer fr. Saucy Tasters, "Gone From Me"
Twin Library fr. Lowways, "Lower Flag"
Ghostkeeper fr. Horse Chief! War Thief!, "HCWT"
Brazilian Money fr. Doug Nasty, "Can't Live in a Vacuum"
Diehatzu Hijets fr. Diehatzu Hijets, "Get Real"
Kemo Treats, "Pinky Swear"


The Knife fr. A Tooth For An Eye, "Full of Fire"
The Raveonettes fr. Observator, "Young and Cold"
Yo La Tengo fr. Fade, "Stupid Things"
Beach Fossils fr. Clash The Truth, "Taking Off"
Belong fr. Common Era, "Come See"
Meat Force fr. Radio Promos, "That Pale Blue Eye"
Ghibli fr. Clubs, "Vespers"
Swamp Sex Robots
Pick A Piper
Spacemen3 fr. Sound of Confusion, "Walking With Jesus"
Prophecy Sun



The Raveonettes, fr. Observator, "Observations"
Julia Holter fr. Ekstasis, "In the Same Room"
Homeshake fr. The Homeshake Tape, "Moon Woman"
Yo La Tango fr. Fade, "Ohm"
Stereolab fr. Switched On, "The Way Will Be Opening"
Catgut fr. Fightpicker, "Truce"
Diehatzu Hijets fr. Bros..., "Where's Your Head?"
Free Kitten fr. Inherit, "Bananas"
Chelsea Light Moving fr. Chelsea Light Moving, "Lip"
My Gold Mask fr. Leave Me Midnight, "Some Secrets"
Austra fr. Feel It Break, "Darken Her Horse"


Blue Hawaii fr. Untogether, "Follow"
Pigeon Breeders, "Snowpines"
Belong fr. Common Era, "Very Careful"
Taiwan, "Red Room"
Kane Ikin fr. Sublunar, "Rhea"
Matthew A Wilkinson fr. Postnamers, "Imin Horus"
Bjork fr, Bastards, "Dark Matter"
Alva Noto fr. For 2, "garment (for a garment)
Cabaal fr. Liminality, "Deep Time"
Grouper fr. The Man Who Died In His Boat, "Cloud in Places"
Lad Mags, "Sex Beat"


Comets on Fire fr. Field Recordings from The Sun, "ESP"
Nu Sensae fr. Swim, "Sundowning"
My Gold Mask fr. Leave Me Midnight, "Never Go Home"
Beach Fossil fr. Clash the Truth, "Clash the Truth"
Deerhunter fr. Weird Era Continued, "Vox Humans"
Blue Hawaii fr. Untogether, "Try To Be"
Matmos fr. The Rose Had Teeth, "Solo Buttons for Joe"
Look Away fr. Eyeball Ep, "Mad Girls Love Song"
Yppah fr. 81, "film burn"
Sex Church fr, Somnambulist, "Slipped"
Cabaal fr. Liminality, "Glass Halo"
Real Estate Days fr. Days, "Out of Tune"



The Knife fr. Shaking the Habitual, "Full of Fire"
Follakzoid fr. II, "9"
Perfume Genius fr. Put Your Back N to It, "Hood"
A Boy Called Pony, "Male Intimacy"
Thee More Shadows fr. Book of Bad Breaks, "The Dutch Fist"
Chelsea Light Moving, "Groovy and Linda"
Disappears fr. Pre-Language, "Replicate"
Bardo Pond fr. Lapsed, "Tommy Gun Angel"
The Dead C fr. The White House, "Bitcher"
The Betrayers fr. Treat Me Mean EP, "Call Me When You're Blue"
Chillawack, "Fly at Night"



Belong fr. Common Era, "Different Heart"
My Bloody Valentine fr. mbv, "If I Am"
Disappears fr. Pre Language, "Minor Patters"
Julianna Barwick & Ikue Mori fr. FRKWYS Vol. 6, "Dream Sequence"
Rhythm of Cruelty fr. Debut 7" Teaser, "Walls Pt.1"
The Sweathearts, "Holy Fuck"
Banshee fr. Banshee, "We Don't Need You Anymore"
Pigeon Breeders fr. Ellipsis, "Balaclava"
Diehatzu Hijets, "freqs"
Krang, "Shake Joint"
Grouper, "Being in her shadow"
Explosions in the Sky fr. Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, "Trembling Hands"
Yo La Tengo fr. Fade, "I'll Be Around"
Matthew A Wilkinson fr. Postnamers, "Hesperusis Phosphorus"
Mogwai fr. A Wretched Virile Lore, "How to be a Werewolf"



Fugazi fr, Red Medicine, Latest Disgrace
The Kills fr. Blood Pressures, "You Don't Own The Road"
Hank And Lily fr. Crank City, "Mirror Ball"
What's up in space?
Natural Snow Buildings fr. Waves of the Random Sea, "Drift in the Water Soul"
Matthew A Wilkinson fr. Postnamers, "Hesperusis Phosphorus"
Mark Templeton fr. Jealous Heart, "buffalo coulee"
Get ready for Freedom to Read Week 
Yo La Tengo fr. Fade, "Cornelia and Jane"
My Bloody Valentine fr. mbv, "Who Sees You"



Pigeon Breeders fr. luminous debris, "int/"
Gareth Dickson fr. Quite A Way Away, "This is the Kiss"
Laura Leif fr. Warm Weathers, "The Best"
Ferriswheel fr. Un Peu Au Nord Et Sans Distorsion, "Un Peu Au Nord Et Sans Distorsion"
Benoit Pilourd fr. Lasted, "Sault"
Mark Templeton fr. Jealous Heart, "sinking heart"
Jom Comyn fr. 881/2 Ways To Live Life And Be Happy, "Hatchet in Garage (acoustic)
Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fisher fr. In A Place Of Graceful Shapes, "Blanketing"
Shuttle358 fr. Chessa, "Melt"
Tyler Butler fr. Winter King, "Plover"
Joanna Newsome fr. Have One On Me [Disc 2], "Jackrabbits"
Lou Wreath fr. 88.5 Ways To Live Life And Be Happy, "Glassware"



AIDS Wolf fr. Ma vie banale avant-garde, "No Females on Board"
Blonde Redhead fr. Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons, "The Damaged Coda"
Cat Power fr. Sun, "Nothing But Time"
Brian Borcherdt fr. The Remains of Brian Borcherdt, "New Mexico"
Ghostkeeper fr. Ghostkeeper, "well well well"
Whiskeyface fr. Soothing Absence of Life, "NY NY"
Hank and Lily fr. Crank City, "Pit and Pendulum"
Diehatzu Hijets fr. Diehatzu Hijets, "Running Horse"
The Betrayers fr. Treat Me Mean EP, "Call Me When You're Blue"
Sex Church fr. Somnambulist, "Hidden Hand"
Big Dick fr. Big Dick, "schoolyard violence"
Moon Duo fr. Circles, "Sleepwalker"
KRANG fr. KRANG/Shooting Guns split EP, "Shake Joint"



Space Laundry takes his time orbiting through the galaxy. He's got a lot of ground to cover if he's going to crack this case. Fortunately for him, he's as fast as the speed of light.

Wire fr. send, "nice streets above"
Blonde Redhead , "Without Feathers"
Sex Church fr. somnambulist, "Slipped"
Joy Division fr. Unknown Pleasures, "wilderness"
Country & Western fr. PIXXX3, "You Fang Genuine"
The Books fr. The Lemon of Pink, "The Lemon of Pink"
twinsistermoon fr. The Hollow Mountain, "Walhalla"
Laura Leif fr. warm weathers, "the best"
Mogwai fr. A Wretched Virile Lore, "Rano Pano (Time Hecker Remix)"
Banshee fr. Banshee, "We Don't Need You Anymore"
Energetic Action fr. Becoming, "Becoming"



Looking back before we move forward with Mielzzzzzzz from Pigeon Breeders


prOphecy sun
Matthew A Wilkinson fr. postnamers, "Someone"
Lull fr. Spell, "Guided Highway"
Natural Snow Buildings fr. monster/depth 7", "monsters"
Isengrind fr. Night of Raining Fire, "Nadris of the Sun"
TwinSisterMoon fr. Bogyrealm Vessels, "The mirror land"
Catgut, "Disorder"
Nu Sensae fr. Sundowning, "Eat Your Mind"
Peace fr. The World is Too Much With Us, "The Perp Walk"
Sonic Youth fr. Smart Bar Chicago 1985, "Flower"
Chris Reimer fr. the Chad Tape, "Trees Die in Switzerland"
Dive Signals fr. 10000 Tropics, "Surface Cuts"
Meatforce fr. Wizard by Night, "A Castle in the Sky"
[will scott], "The Four Houses I Have Lived In"
Collic fr. RDP Various 2012, "Lift Up every Hawaiian and Sing"
Zebra Pulse fr. Endings, "Basaraba"
Diehatzu Hijets fr. Bros.... "Where's Your Head"
Lucas Wilfred Finnamore-Smith, "I Don't Want To Talk To People"
Yankee Yankee fr. PIXXX3, "Memory Fades"
KRANG fr. Choke Hits, "Provincial Flower"
Black Mastiff fr. Pyramids, "Rolling Stoned"
Banshee fr. Banshee, "We don't need you anymore"
Jung People fr. Tenter Hooks, "Orient B"
God Speed You Black Emperor fr. Allelujah! Don't Bend!Ascend! "Strung Like Lights At Thee Printemps Erable"