God Speed! You Black Emperor fr. Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!, Their Helicopters Sing
Psychic Pollution fr. Deconstructed Architecture, "Lunette"
Zebra Pulse fr. Endings, "Total Beef Recall"
Philip Dickau fr. Rough Dump Spring Fever, "After the Having"
Pigeon Breeders fr. luminous debris, "ext///"
prOphecy sun fr. RDP, "Beluga Lullaby"
KRANG fr. Choke Hits, "Provincial Flower"
Black Mastiff fr. Pyramids, "Rolling Stoned"
Bonspiel, "My Queenie, too"
The Betrayers, "Hey Now Mary"

Social Calendar:
Nov. 19th Bohemia ~ The Cosmic Key, Laura Leif, Philip Dickau, and prOphecy sun
Nov. 20th Wunderbar ~ The Strugglefucks, The Betrayers and Mark Sultan



Kane Ikin fr. Sublunar, "Rhea"
Taylor Deupree + Marcus Fischer fr. In A Place of Such Graceful Shapes, "Blanketing"
Wire fr. Read & Burn 3, "Our Time"
Fourcolor fr. As Pleat, "Snow Petal"
Bruce Haack fr. Farad: The Electric Voice, "Snow Job"
Mark Templeton fr. Sea Point, "Telepathy"
Patti Smith fr. Banga, "After the Gold Rush"
Taylor Deupree fr. Northern, "Northern"
Small Color fr. In Light, "Nowhere Near"



Godspeed You! Black Emperor fr. 'Alleluja! Don't Bend!Ascend!, "Mladic"
Spacemen 3 fr. For All The Fucked Up Children In The World, "Things'll Never Be The Same"
Boyd Rice/NON fr. Back to Mono, "Turn Me On, Dean Man"
Bruce Haack fr. The Electric lucifer, "Program Me"
Ohama fr. earth history multiambient, "OMG"
Quadrapus, "Phonographic"
Purity Ring fr. Shrines fr. "Grandloves"
Matthew A. Wilkinson fr. postnamers, "mouth & gown"