Asleep in the space pod....
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Shuttle358 fr. Understanding Wildlife, "I'm not afraid"
Adam Palmer & the Specialist fr. Lights, "Talent in Your Skin"
Arovane fr. Tides, "A Secret"
Fever Ray fr. Fever Ray, "If I Had A Heart"
Chihei Hatakeyama fr. A Long Journey "Waves"
Kurt Vile fr. God is Saying This You "Beach on the Moon"
Taylor Deupree fr. Northern "Everything's Gone Grey"
Philip Dickau fr. This City and You, "Whyte Avenue"
Via Tania fr. Moon Sweet Moon, "Wonderstranger"
Seaworthy fr. 1897, "Ammunition 2"
Marissa Nadler fr. Little Hells, "Ghosts and Lovers"


RDP #1

Ramshackle Day Report 

brought to you by Ajm and PjT. Noise Patrol. 

Monthly updates on the noise/experimental scene in Ever-cold-Edmonton. Usually at the end of the month but sometimes not. Take this week's gig for example....

Whyte Ave. 

Master of Pants album release
Zebra Pulse

presented by No.2 collective and 

Ramshackle Day Parade. 
"This lovely evening will be accompanied by an OPEN MIC noise station. We want YOU to do an improve noise set in between bands while they set up. THE NOISE NEVER STOPS. PLEASE wear a costume. We will be providing costumes for those who don't have one."



It's cold in space...

Lane Arndt fr. CBC Radio 3 "Snowed in"

Brian Borcherdt fr. The remains of Brian Borcherdt, "Motel"

My Bloody Valentine fr. Isn't Anything. "Soft as snow (but warm inside)"

Eamon McGrath fr. Peacemaker, "Cold Alberta Nights"

Mono fr. Hymn to the Immortal Wind, "Ashes in the Snow"

Iron and Wine fr, The Creek Drank the Cradle, "Faded from the Winter"

Animal Collective fr. Sung Tongs, "Winters Love"

Monolake fr. Silence, "Infinite Snow"

Yagya fr. The Rhythm of Snow, "Snowflake 1"



Forrest Fang fr. Gongland, "Glow"

Andrea Serrapiglio fr. Autumn is Coming, We're All in Slowmotion"Steps on Leaves, Kids on Skateboard, Steps in Mud"

The Books fr. Lost And Safe, "If not now, whenever"

Solo Andata fr. Solo Andata, "Hydraulic Fluctuations"

Joao Orecchia fr. Motherless Brooklyn, "Ooo, Don't give me a headache"

Beth Jeans Houghton fr. Golden, "Golden"

Autostici fr. Slow Temperature - Early Works (Vol. II)"Carved from Lips"

Bruce Haack fr. Farad "National Anthem to the Moon"

Deradoorian fr. Mind Raft, "Moon"

Arovane fr. Tides, "The Storm"

Robert Hedge fr. The Cleansing Fires, "Home Sweet Home"

Zac Crouse fr. You Plan To Do Nothing, "Waiting on the wind"





ZEBRA PULSE played live!

KRANG came by w/ a t-shirt and CD "They Came From Planet D!" 

AHNA dropped off a new self-titled LP!

Together we raised over $800

Thank-you SO MUCH from CJSR!




Locationcall in! 780-492-2577, donate online! in person! CJSR! basement of SUB @ the U of A

For the 3rd year in a row EDMONTON'S FAVOURITE NOISE BAND ZEBRA PULSE plays live for the BORSCHT IN SPACE FUNDRIVE show and this year you can win a chance to JAM w/them if you DIAL + DONATE! (Last year Zebra Pulse offered an intimate in-house concert to one lucky winner. Lucky winner was 1 year old Lincoln. Zebra Pulse drove to his house in Beaumont and played at his 1st birthday. True Story!)

Get the deets on the CJSR FUNDRAISER GIG @ The ARTERY Nov 5th straight from members of
Bombchan and Krang! Win cd's!

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The community of CJSR says thank-you for all your support!



Yagya fr. The Rhythm of Snow, "Snowflake 5"

The Books fr. Thought for Food, "Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again"

Aus fr. Light in August, Later, "Little Song at Little Time"

This Quiet Army fr. Aftermath, "The Iron Harvest"

Dalot fr. Loop Over Latitudes, "rewind"

Jaded Hipster Choir fr. Pill Weekend, "Don't Stop the Party On My Account"

PVT fr. Church With No Magic, "Crimson Swan"

Joao Orecchia fr. Hands and feet, "Beginnings"

Philip Dickau fr. as Rheingold, "Part III"


Jelly Fish Ballet

To the caller re: jelly fish ballet. During that show, last December, I asked the listeners to youtube Danse de la Mer - Jellyfish Ballet, turn the sound off, and listen along....during that time I was listening to a lot of Yagya, so even though I cannot find the exact track I played while you watched jellyfish move, I'm pretty certain it was from this cd.   



Philip Dickau fr. Das Rheingold, "Part II"

Taylor Deupree fr. Shoals, "Rusted Oak"

Andrea Serrapiglio fr. Autumn is Coming, We're All Slowing Down, "Steps on Leaves, Kids on Skateboard, Steps in the Mud"

Loscil fr. Endless Falls, "Showers of Ink"

This Quiet Army fr. Aftermath, "Finding the Fallen"





Dalot fr. Loop Over Latitudes, "Time to Be (out of time) n5MD 

Philip Selway fr. Familial, "Beyond Reason"

Mark Templeton fr. Inland, "Oak"

Owen Pallett fr. A Swedish Love Story ep, "Honour the dead, or else"

Jaded Hipster Choir fr. Pill Weekend, "Pills" 

Fredo Viola fr. Risa, "The Sad Song"

Daedelus fr. Invention, "Soulful of child"

The Books fr. Break, The Way Out, "All You Need Is A Wall"

Seaworthy fr. 1897, "Ammunition 2"

Philip Dickau fr. Das Rheingold, "Part 1"



Vincent Gallo fr. When, "My Beautiful White Dog"

Mountains fr. Choral, "Choral"

This Quiet Army fr. Aftermath, "The Hierarchy of Angels"

Aus fr. Light In August, "Urum"

Mum fr. Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know, "Illuminated"

John Hornak fr. A Needle, A Feather and A Rope, "Tarsand Ballad"

Mid Pines fr. Unmeasure, "The Hunt"

Akido fr. Game Changer, "A kind of Momentum"



Fall Feels Nice

Animal Collective fr. Sung Tongs, "Visiting Friends"

Matt Sweeny & Bonnie "Prince" Billy fr. Superwolf, "Blood Embrace" 

philip dickau fr. this city, and you, "A Candle"

Joanna Newsom fr. Have One On Me, "Go Long"

Seaworthy fr. Map In Hand, "Map In Hand Pt.3"

Nick Drake fr. Way To Blue, "Which Will"

Eamon McGrath fr. Dead Empire, "Tonight On Fire"

Mark Templeton fr. Inland, "West of Fabric pt.1"

100 Mile House fr. From Fall To Fall, "Spotted Dress"

Loscil fr. Plume, "Zephyr"

Bon Iver fr. Blood Bank, "Beach Baby"



Loscil fr. Endless Falls, "Lake Orchard"

H.U.V.A. Network fr. Ephemeris, "Orientations part 2 (Ephemeride 15.43degrees)

Mid Pines fr. Unmeasure, "Daylight Hour"

Autistici fr. Slow Temperature - Early Works (Vol.II), "Waking the Sky"

Carbon Based Lifeforms fr. Interloper, "Central Plain"

Radian fr. Juxtaposition, "Vertigo"

Akido fr. Game Changer, "paper chase"

Vladislav Delay fr. Tummaa, "Toive"

My Morning Jacket fr. Chapter 1: The Sandworm Cometh, "Rocket Man"



Arovane fr.Tides, "Theme"

Autechre fr. Oversteps, "see on see"

Mid Pines fr. Unmeasure, "End of wires

Dettinger fr. Oasis, "Oasis 5"

Cell fr. hanging Masses, "Calling"

Mitchell Akiyama fr. Hope That Lines Don't Cross, "Error Than Trial"

Philip Selway fr. Familial, "beyond reason"

akido fr. game changer, "in Needles"



Swearing On The Radio

Caribou fr. Swim,  "Odessa"

Goldfrapp fr. Headfirst, "Believer"

Holy Fuck fr. Latin, "Latin America"

King Cobb Steele fr. Destroy All Codes, "Hurst"

Dosh fr. Tommy, "Gare de Lyon"

Awesome Color fr. Massa Hypnos, "Oaxaca"

Ghostkeeper"Well Well Well"

Nu Sensae fr. Three Dreams, "Mowgli and Sly"

Crystal Castles, "Baptism" 



Herbie Hancock "Rockit"

DJ Qbert fr. Wave Twisters, "Red Worm"

Defacto fr. Megaton and Shotblast, "Mitchell Edward Klik Enters a Dreamlike State and it's Fucking Scandalous"

Myths "Deadlights"

Nu Sensae fr. Three Dreams, "Worms"

Shearing Pinx fr. Blood Klub, "The Kiss"

Krang fr. They Came From Planet D, "Electric Farmer"

Dosh fr. Tommy, "Airlift"

Holy Fuck fr. Latin, "Stilettos"

The Nels Cline Singers fr. Infinity, "Thurston County"


fern + robin / loscil


Goldfrapp fr. Head First, "Rocket"

Robofloyo fr. Robofloyo, "How Can Now Not Be The Time"

You Say Party! We Say Die fr. You Say Party! We Say Die, "XXXX/Loyalty"

Microbunny vs. The Straggler "Embers"

Caribou fr. Swim, "Sun"

Aphex Twin fr. Windowlicker, "Windowlicker"

Twin Crystals fr. Emergency Room, "Trinity"

Puberty fr. Live, "Tarnation"

Free Kitten fr. Inherit, "Seasick"

Arc Lab fr. The Ninteen Floors, "Carrot Not Sticks"

Mogwai fr. Rock Action, "Sine Wave"

Jaded Hipster Choir fr. Jaded Hipster Fire, "Spirit Engine"