Fall Feels Nice

Animal Collective fr. Sung Tongs, "Visiting Friends"

Matt Sweeny & Bonnie "Prince" Billy fr. Superwolf, "Blood Embrace" 

philip dickau fr. this city, and you, "A Candle"

Joanna Newsom fr. Have One On Me, "Go Long"

Seaworthy fr. Map In Hand, "Map In Hand Pt.3"

Nick Drake fr. Way To Blue, "Which Will"

Eamon McGrath fr. Dead Empire, "Tonight On Fire"

Mark Templeton fr. Inland, "West of Fabric pt.1"

100 Mile House fr. From Fall To Fall, "Spotted Dress"

Loscil fr. Plume, "Zephyr"

Bon Iver fr. Blood Bank, "Beach Baby"



Loscil fr. Endless Falls, "Lake Orchard"

H.U.V.A. Network fr. Ephemeris, "Orientations part 2 (Ephemeride 15.43degrees)

Mid Pines fr. Unmeasure, "Daylight Hour"

Autistici fr. Slow Temperature - Early Works (Vol.II), "Waking the Sky"

Carbon Based Lifeforms fr. Interloper, "Central Plain"

Radian fr. Juxtaposition, "Vertigo"

Akido fr. Game Changer, "paper chase"

Vladislav Delay fr. Tummaa, "Toive"

My Morning Jacket fr. Chapter 1: The Sandworm Cometh, "Rocket Man"



Arovane fr.Tides, "Theme"

Autechre fr. Oversteps, "see on see"

Mid Pines fr. Unmeasure, "End of wires

Dettinger fr. Oasis, "Oasis 5"

Cell fr. hanging Masses, "Calling"

Mitchell Akiyama fr. Hope That Lines Don't Cross, "Error Than Trial"

Philip Selway fr. Familial, "beyond reason"

akido fr. game changer, "in Needles"