Bebop Cortez fr. Who Bangin', "Standard Candles"
Sonic Youth fr. Daydream Nation, "Candle"
Philip Dickau fr. This City, and You, "A candle"
Pieta Brown fr. Shimmer, "Hey Joey"
Jaga Jazzist fr. What We Must, "For All You Happy People"
Julia Stone fr. Memory Machine, "Horse with the wings"
Explosions in the Sky fr. Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, "Human Qualities"
Myelin Sheaths self-titled, "contagious"
Nu Sensae, "worm(s)"
Shearing Pinx fr. Poison Hands, "Cursed Matter"
Stamina Mantis split ep w/ Shearing Pinx, "Unicorns shit rainbows"



Daedelus fr. Bespoke, "Sew, Darn, Mend"
Des Ark fr. Dont Rock the Boat, Sink The Fucker, "Girls Get Ruff"
Explosions in the Sky fr. Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, "Be Comfortable, Creature"
Winterlight fr. Hope Dies Last, "Your Wings Make You Fly"
Fleet Foxes fr. Helplessness Blues, "The Plains / Bitter Dancer"
Book of Caverns fr. Book of Caverns, "tuxedo mask"
Myelin Sheaths fr. Get on Your Nerves, "halfwit"
Dreissk fr. The Finding, "To That Which Binds Me"
Austra fr. Feel it Break, "Darken Her Horse"
The Evens fr. The Evens, "around the corner"
Tim Hecker fr. Ravedeath, 1972, "No Drums"
EMA fr. Past Life of Martyred Saints, "Breakfast"



Aun fr. Aun/Habsyll split ep, "Fall Out"
Slowdive fr. Souvlaki, "Souvlaki Space Station"
Sonic Youth fr. A thousand leaves, "Contre le Sexisme"
Pj Harvey fr. Let England Shake, "Hanging in the wire"
Kurt Vile fr. Smoke Ring for My Halo, "Smoke Ring for My Halo"
Timber Timbre fr. Creep on Creepin' On, "Bad Ritual"
Ghostkeeper fr. Ghostkeeper, "Well Well Well"
Black Mastiff fr. Black Mastiff ep, "Captured by the Law"
Nadja fr. Numbness, "Time is our disease"
Thurston Moore fr. Demolished Thoughts, "Benediction"




Sonic Youth fr. Simon Werner a Disparu, "Jean-Baptise a la fenetre"
Neil Young fr. Le Noise, "Someone's Gonna Rescue you"
Timber Timbre fr. Creep on Creepin On, "Black Water"
Mono fr. One More Step And You Die, "Com(?)'
Jom Comyn fr. Comynge Tegythere, "Crying Just for Show"
Nadja fr. Numbness, "Veil of Disillusion"
Junip fr. Fileds, "Rope & Summitt"
Aun fr. Aun / Habsyll split EP, "Fall Out"
James Blake fr. James Blake, "I Mind"