Broadcast fr. Tender Buttons, "Black Cat"
Twin Crystals fr. ep, "Trinity"
Crystal Castles/Health, fr. Crystal Castles, "Crimewave"
KRANG fr. They Came From Planet D, "Snakes on the Brain"
Shooting Guns fr. Born to Deal in Magic: 1952-1976, "dopestrings"
Ben Frost fr. By The Throat, "Hibakusja

Nash the Slash fr. Children of the Night, "Dead Man's Curve"
Matthew A. Wilkinson fr. Postnamers, "Aurora"
Lou Wreath fr. Exploding Dragon, "Brood"
Purity Ring fr. Shrines, "Crawlersout"



Simon Scott fr. Below Sea Level, "_Sealevel.2"
Be Good Tanyas fr. A Collection 2000-2012, "Little Black Bear"
Maps and Diagrams fr. Lights Will Call On You, "Her Thoughts Are Her Own"
The Weather Station fr. All of it Was Mine, "Came So Easy"
Autistici fr. Slow Temperature - Early Works (Vol. II), "waking the sky"
Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto fr. Insen, "Berlin"
Andreas Serrapiglio fr. Autumn is Coming, We're All in Slowmotion, "Whispers, Screams and Steps in a Library, Disables Playing"
Asa-Chang and Junray fr. Jun Ray Song Chang, "Hana"
Burro fr. Pixxx3, "drone castle"
Prophecy Sun, "look up"


Yankee Yankee fr. Ecstatic Dreamer, "white caps"
Steve Peters and Steve Roden fr. Not a Leaf Remains As it Was, "Water Veins"
The Cure fr. Disintegration, "Prayers for Rain"
Mongst fr. Pixx3, "fly with perfect clouds"
Charlotte Gainsbourg fr. Stage Whisper, "All the Rain"
Slowdive fr. Souvlaki, "Country Rain"
Velvet Underground fr. Peel Slowly and See, "Mr. Rain"
Xela fr. The Dead Sea, "Wet Bones"
Sonic Youth fr. daydream nation, "rain king"
Jom Comyn fr. Sunstroke ep, "rain dance"



Yankee Yankee, fr. PIXXX 3, "Memory Fades"
Burro, fr. burnt monument, "Bent Time"
Des Ark fr. Loose Lips Sink Ships, "Some Are Love"
Taiwan fr. Ramshackle Day Parade 2012 Compilation, "untitled"
Pigeon Breeders fr. Nocturnal Reveries, "Urban Decay"
Taylor Deupree fr. Shoals, "Rusted Oak"
Jom Comyn fr. Sunstroke ep, "Boiling Inferno"
Black Mastiff fr. Pyramids, "Wolves"



...the words of Haruki Murakami mixed in with a little Broadcast, Kurt Vile, and Autistici.
Country and Western fr. PIXXX3, "You Fang Genuine"
Pigeon Breeders fr. Nocturnal Reveries, "light clutter"
Burro fr. PIXXX3, "Drone Castle"
Valiska fr. PIXXX3, "Storm/Cave"
Tim Hecker fr. The Piano Drop, "In the fog I"
The Weather Station fr. Everything I saw, "Came so easy"
Simon Scott fr. Below Sea Level, "_Sealevel.2"