06.24.12 The RDP Edition

The Ramshackle Day Parade Edition w/ Parker

Zebra Pulse fr. Circus Fables, "Abba Cabbadda"
Sin Sisamouth, "Mou Pie Na"
Zebra Pulse, live recording fr. CJSR Fundrive 2008
No Knives, "Part 2"
Look Away, "cut your eyes out"
The Dizzies fr. 3's A Crowd, "rest (is it normal?)
Stamina Mantis
Venetian Snares
Nu Sensae fr. Three Dreams, "mens rea"
Diamanda Galas fr. You Must Be Certain of The Devil, "Birds of Death"
Big Brother and the Holding Company fr. Cheap Thrills, "Ball and Chain
loscil fr. Endless Falls, "Endless Falls"
Roy Gary Biv fr. Sex Sells, "side a"
Tangerine Dream fr. Electric Meditation, "ashes to ashes"
Bruce Haack fr. The Electronic Record for Children, "African Lullaby"
Cindy Lauper fr. She's So Unusual, "He's So Unusual/Yeah Yeah Yeah"
B-Lines fr. Burnt Cd's, "social retard"
Wartime Tapestry fr. Storm, "Veteren Flying Saucer"


The Dead C fr. Clyma Est Mort/Tentative Power, "Sunshine / Dirt for Harry"
Stereolab fr. Refried ectoplasm (Switched on volume 2), "Exploding head movie"
Autistici fr. Volume Objects, "9v Tree Battery"
Gareth Dickson fr. Quite A Way Away, "Noon"
Julianna Barwick and Ikue Mori, "Rejoinder"
Brian Eno And The Words Of Rick Holland fr. Drums Between The Bells, "Fierce Aisles of Light"
Simon Scott fr. Below Sea Level, "_Sealevel.1"
Prophecy Sun, "I dream of horses"
Shearing Pinx fr. Rituals, "Rituals of Life"
Knotted Cord fr. Use Your Mind Powers For Hours and Hours, "Castle"



The Dickies Army, "Gigantor"
Nu Sensae fr. TV, Death, and the Devil, "Passing the Word"
Shocking Blue fr. Eve and the Apple, "Eve and the Apple"
Shearing Pinx fr. Ruinature, "Afflictions"
Hockey fr. Mind Chaos, "too fake"
Devo fr. Smooth Noodle Maps, "Jimmy"
Devo fr. Freedom of choice, "Girl I Want"
Russian lady fr. Fuckbook
KRANG fr. Sonic Portage, "shamu"
Butter 08 fr. "Degobrah"
Pentagram, "Be Forewarned"
No Means No fr. World of the world bla bla bla, "I got a gun"
Iggy Pop fr. Iggy Pop, "......like you before"


MARS fr. 78+, "Scorn"
Swans fr. Swans Are Dead, "feel happiness"
DNA fr. DNA on DNA, "not moving"
Yo La Tengo/Condo Fucks fr. Fuckbook, "with a girl like you"
Dean + Britta, "Let's Ride"



Colin Stetson fr. New History Warfare Vol 2: Judges, "The stars in his head"
The Dead C fr. Patience, "Empire"
The Braids fr. Native Speaker, "Native Speaker"
Deradoorian fr. Mind Raft, "High Road"
"S" fr. puking & crying, "5 Dollers"
Holly Miranda fr. The Magician's Private Library, "waves"
Charlotte Gainsbourg fr. Stage Whisper, "IRM (live)"
Julianna Barwick fr. Florine, "Anjos"
Sonic Youth fr. Sonic Nurse, "Paper Cup Exit"
Free Judges, "Cradle me to sleep"


King Cobb Steele fr. Destroy All Codes, "My American Partner"
Black Mountain fr. Year Zero Soundtrack, "Mary Lou"
Black Mastiff
The Illuminati fr. On Borrowed Time, "Black Russian Blues:"
Melvins fr. A Senile Animal, "Civilized Worm"
Shooting Guns fr. Born to Deal in Magic: 1952-1976, "Dopestrings"
Krang fr. Choke Hits, "Take me out"
Dead C Dead C Dead C Dead C