Asleep in the space pod....
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Shuttle358 fr. Understanding Wildlife, "I'm not afraid"
Adam Palmer & the Specialist fr. Lights, "Talent in Your Skin"
Arovane fr. Tides, "A Secret"
Fever Ray fr. Fever Ray, "If I Had A Heart"
Chihei Hatakeyama fr. A Long Journey "Waves"
Kurt Vile fr. God is Saying This You "Beach on the Moon"
Taylor Deupree fr. Northern "Everything's Gone Grey"
Philip Dickau fr. This City and You, "Whyte Avenue"
Via Tania fr. Moon Sweet Moon, "Wonderstranger"
Seaworthy fr. 1897, "Ammunition 2"
Marissa Nadler fr. Little Hells, "Ghosts and Lovers"


RDP #1

Ramshackle Day Report 

brought to you by Ajm and PjT. Noise Patrol. 

Monthly updates on the noise/experimental scene in Ever-cold-Edmonton. Usually at the end of the month but sometimes not. Take this week's gig for example....

Whyte Ave. 

Master of Pants album release
Zebra Pulse

presented by No.2 collective and 

Ramshackle Day Parade. 
"This lovely evening will be accompanied by an OPEN MIC noise station. We want YOU to do an improve noise set in between bands while they set up. THE NOISE NEVER STOPS. PLEASE wear a costume. We will be providing costumes for those who don't have one."