JJ Majeski of Krang fame flies the shuttle...

Leningrad Psychedelic Blues Band - "Satirize" - Dark Star (tape)

*Holy Cobras - "Dead Bodies Float in Water" - Dead Bodies Float in Water (tape)

El Jesus de Magico - "Summer of Luhv" - Scalping the Guru

Air - "High Point" - Once Upon a Time 7''

*Philip Dickau - "Our Cities Embrace the Ground" - This City and You

Brian Eno - "I'll Come Running" - Another Green World

*Lucid 44 - "Empty Room" - Body Harm Sounds

*Skip Spence - "Little Hands" - Oar

*Luther Wright and the Wrongs - "Darlin'" - Guitar Pickin' Martyrs

Nick Cave - "Fleeting Love" - More News from Nowhere 7''

*denotes Canadian artist



Wyrd Space

Kinnie Starr - Come off of Sun Again

Def3 & Factor - Losing you feat. Val Halla off of Drumbo 

Awol One & Factor - Celebrate off or Owl Hours

Feral Children - The Only Fun from Currents 

Krang - Speed of Tent

Puberty - Tarnation off of Live

The Ex-Boyfriends - From To the Lowest Bidder - The Secret of Immortality

Moby Dicks - from Lethbridge - Ogo Pogo 

Scissor Shock - ghost snoring

B-Lines - Social Retard recorded on nominal records

Nu Sensae - from three Dreams 7inch - Worm(s)

Stamina Mantis - from "Gato Fantastico del Peligro par Siempre!"
- Small Things Are About to Happen

Meat Force debut - from evil evil shit -
graveyard alive

...in the
background...Loscil and Jimmy Smith




Pole featuring Fat Jon - slow motion off of Pole 2003

Queen Latifah - Evil That Men Do

Politic Live - Throw Back

Ahna - Cast Out By Vomit

Feral Children - My Soul is a Disco

Wyrd Fest Wyrd Fest Wyrd Fest

Krang - Electric Farmer

Stamina Mantis - 5lbs of shit in a 10lb bag

B12 - Moon Over Moab

The Orb - Baghdad Batteries

Norihisa Hayashi - 1419

...in the background, Radiohead + Yusef Lateef


WYRD FEST :: NOV 14 :: Peace, Shearing Pinx, GOBBLE GOBBLE, AHNA + 14 MORE!
Edmonton's only fringe-music festival! // ONE NIGHT // TWO STAGES // ALL AGES
11.14.09 Cosmopolitan Music Society 8426 Gateway Blvd.

Stage Wyld Stage Wyrd
5:00pm Test Patterns
5:30pm JAZZ
6:00pm Krang
6:30pm Outdoor Miners
7:00pm Feral Children
7:30pm Wicked Awesomes!
8:00pm Moby Dicks
8:30pm Ex-Boyfriends
9:00pm Myelin Sheaths
9:30pm Grown-Ups
10:00pm Friendo
10:30pm The Famines
11:00pm AHNA
12:00am Shearing Pinx
12:30am Peace

Performer Info

Shearing Pinx
From: Vancouver, BC
File-Under: Adjective-non-wave / brilliant experimental-punk
Web: http://weirdcanada.com/2009/09/review-shearing-pinx-weaponry/

From: Vancouver, BC
File-Under: Amazing / Indie / The Fall
Web: http://weirdcanada.com/2009/08/peace-slow-children/

From: Edmonton, AB / San Francisco, CA, USA
File-Under: 8-bit fluorescent glitch-pop
Web: http://weirdcanada.com/2009/07/brotherly-woodpact/

From: Vancouver, BC
File-Under: Doom-wave / violin drone
Web: http://weirdcanada.com/2009/07/my-doomdom-for-a-track-listing/

Myelin Sheaths
From: Lethbridge, AB
File-Under: Werid-Science-Punk / signed to HoZaC – get the BOZAC!
Web: http://weirdcanada.com/2009/08/myelin/

Moby Dicks
From: Lethbridge, AB
File-Under: Minimal-garage-punk
Web: http://weirdcanada.com/2009/08/mobydicks/

The Famines
From: Edmonton, AB
File-Under: Two-piece berserker-barrage
Web: http://www.thefamines.ca

From: Calgary, AB
File-Under: Women-meets-Puberty-meets-90s / AWESOME!
Web: http://weirdcanada.com/2009/10/friendo/

From: Calgary, AB
File-Under: 90s pop-wave
Web: http://weirdcanada.com/2009/10/grownups/

From: Lethbridge, AB
File-Under: Frenetic pop-punk.
Web: http://www.myspace.com/txbf

Feral Children
From: Saskatoon, SK
File-Under: Drum-Machine guitar-electro-psych
Web: http://weirdcanada.com/2009/07/safe-language/

Outdoor Miners
From: Edmonton, AB
File-Under: Indie-pop-brilliance
Web: http://www.myspace.com/outdoorminers

The Wicked Awesomes!
From: Edmonton, AB
File-Under: Weird-puke-garage
Web: http://weirdcanada.com/2009/07/turbo-future/

From: Edmonton, AB
File-Under: Stoner TMNT psych-wave
Web: http://www.myspace.com/krangtheband

From: Edmonton, AB
File-Under: Minimal homosexual-pop
Web: (no internet presence)

Test Patterns
From: Edmonton, AB
File-Under: Synth-wave
Web: (no internet presence! Debut show!)

Other artists likely to be involved:

The Bummers
From: Edmonton, AB
File-Under: Edmonton’s greatest band of all time forever and ever.
Web: http://weirdcanada.com/2009/06/everythings-difference-with-orange-juice/

From: Edmonton, AB
File-Under: Solo-lo-fi-90s-dude-rock
Web: http://weirdcanada.com/2009/07/i-cant-handle-this/


Edmonton's newest record label False Church Records second fundraiser show: 07.11.09
Likwid Lounge $10

THE JOE: http://www.myspace.com/thejoehiphop
awesome local rapper, scope his new album

AUDIO/ROCKETRY: http://www.myspace.com/audiorocketrymusic
fantastic local folk-punk

further hip hop excitement

ZEBRA PULSE: http://www.myspace.com/zebrapulse
bring the noise


Rap edition courtesy of Jared and Dean of Krang fame

Grand Puba - "Very Special" - 2000

Brand Nubian - "Slow Down" - All For One

*AOK - "Dream feat. Kazmega" - from myspace

Cool Breeze - "Good Good" - East Point's Greatest Hits

*Epic - "Ah Hemsky" - from Youtube

Cypress Hill - "The Phunky Feel One" - Cypress Hill

*Soso - "Confronting Your Mom With A Pipe Up My Sleeve" - Tenth Street and Clarence

*Gab'n - "Thinglish Thanguage" - Thinglish Thanguage 12''

Outkast - "Spottieottiedopalicious" - Aquemini

Goodie Mob - "Thought Process" - Soul Food

* denotes Canadian artist