Herbie Hancock "Rockit"

DJ Qbert fr. Wave Twisters, "Red Worm"

Defacto fr. Megaton and Shotblast, "Mitchell Edward Klik Enters a Dreamlike State and it's Fucking Scandalous"

Myths "Deadlights"

Nu Sensae fr. Three Dreams, "Worms"

Shearing Pinx fr. Blood Klub, "The Kiss"

Krang fr. They Came From Planet D, "Electric Farmer"

Dosh fr. Tommy, "Airlift"

Holy Fuck fr. Latin, "Stilettos"

The Nels Cline Singers fr. Infinity, "Thurston County"


fern + robin / loscil


Goldfrapp fr. Head First, "Rocket"

Robofloyo fr. Robofloyo, "How Can Now Not Be The Time"

You Say Party! We Say Die fr. You Say Party! We Say Die, "XXXX/Loyalty"

Microbunny vs. The Straggler "Embers"

Caribou fr. Swim, "Sun"

Aphex Twin fr. Windowlicker, "Windowlicker"

Twin Crystals fr. Emergency Room, "Trinity"

Puberty fr. Live, "Tarnation"

Free Kitten fr. Inherit, "Seasick"

Arc Lab fr. The Ninteen Floors, "Carrot Not Sticks"

Mogwai fr. Rock Action, "Sine Wave"

Jaded Hipster Choir fr. Jaded Hipster Fire, "Spirit Engine"