Looking back before we move forward with Mielzzzzzzz from Pigeon Breeders


prOphecy sun
Matthew A Wilkinson fr. postnamers, "Someone"
Lull fr. Spell, "Guided Highway"
Natural Snow Buildings fr. monster/depth 7", "monsters"
Isengrind fr. Night of Raining Fire, "Nadris of the Sun"
TwinSisterMoon fr. Bogyrealm Vessels, "The mirror land"
Catgut, "Disorder"
Nu Sensae fr. Sundowning, "Eat Your Mind"
Peace fr. The World is Too Much With Us, "The Perp Walk"
Sonic Youth fr. Smart Bar Chicago 1985, "Flower"
Chris Reimer fr. the Chad Tape, "Trees Die in Switzerland"
Dive Signals fr. 10000 Tropics, "Surface Cuts"
Meatforce fr. Wizard by Night, "A Castle in the Sky"
[will scott], "The Four Houses I Have Lived In"
Collic fr. RDP Various 2012, "Lift Up every Hawaiian and Sing"
Zebra Pulse fr. Endings, "Basaraba"
Diehatzu Hijets fr. Bros.... "Where's Your Head"
Lucas Wilfred Finnamore-Smith, "I Don't Want To Talk To People"
Yankee Yankee fr. PIXXX3, "Memory Fades"
KRANG fr. Choke Hits, "Provincial Flower"
Black Mastiff fr. Pyramids, "Rolling Stoned"
Banshee fr. Banshee, "We don't need you anymore"
Jung People fr. Tenter Hooks, "Orient B"
God Speed You Black Emperor fr. Allelujah! Don't Bend!Ascend! "Strung Like Lights At Thee Printemps Erable"

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