Space Laundry takes his time orbiting through the galaxy. He's got a lot of ground to cover if he's going to crack this case. Fortunately for him, he's as fast as the speed of light.

Wire fr. send, "nice streets above"
Blonde Redhead , "Without Feathers"
Sex Church fr. somnambulist, "Slipped"
Joy Division fr. Unknown Pleasures, "wilderness"
Country & Western fr. PIXXX3, "You Fang Genuine"
The Books fr. The Lemon of Pink, "The Lemon of Pink"
twinsistermoon fr. The Hollow Mountain, "Walhalla"
Laura Leif fr. warm weathers, "the best"
Mogwai fr. A Wretched Virile Lore, "Rano Pano (Time Hecker Remix)"
Banshee fr. Banshee, "We Don't Need You Anymore"
Energetic Action fr. Becoming, "Becoming"

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