Mokira fr. Persona, "Invitation to Love"
Colin Stetson fr. New History Warfare Vol 2: Judges, "In Love and In Justice"
Arthur Russell fr. Another Thought, "See Through Love"
Melodium fr. Cerbro Spin, "Kissing Disease"
Murralin Lane fr. Our House is On the Wall, "She Collected"
Loscil fr. Plume, "Chinook"
Aus fr. Light In August, Later, "Urum"
Matthew A Wilkinson fr. sSs
Taylor Deupree fr. Journal, "Journal"
Fennesz fr. Seven Stars, "Liminal"
Tim Hecker fr. Ravedeath, 1972, "In The Air I"
Ben Frost fr. Steelwound, "You, Me and the End of Everything"
Stamina Mantis fr. The Hive Recordings, "Paul McCartney is Dead"
Diehatzu Hijets fr. bros..., "Get Real"
Sir Ma'am Ma'am, "Country Song"
Free Judges "Counter Alive"
Jessica Jalbert fr. Brother Loyola, "Necromancy"
DoT fr. Mizz Teviak, "Little Johnny Tears"
Francois Hardy fr. The Vogue Years, "Je N'Attends Plus Personne"



Free Kitten fr. Nice Ass, "Secret Sex Friend"
Sonic Youth fr. Sister, "Beauty Lies in the Eye"
Kraftwerk fr. Electric Cafe, "Sex Object"
Velvet Underground fr. Velvet Underground, "Some Kinda Love"
The Cure fr. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, "The Kiss"
Tom Waits fr. Bad As Me, "Kiss Me"
Neon Indian fr. Era Extrana, "The Blindside Kiss"
Pj Harvey fr. Uh Huh Her, "The Desperate Kingdom of Love"
Francois Hardy fr. The Vogue Years, "Je T'Aime"
Eamon McGrath, fr. Dead Empire, "I am the deer"
Lia Ices fr. Grown Unknown, "Love is Won"
Diehatzu Hijets fr. Doo Doo Boy, "Where You At?"
Broadcast fr. Tender Buttons, "You and Me In Time"
Neil Young fr. Le Noise, "Sign of Love"

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Nouvelle Science Vague Fiction