Flesh Lights fr. Too Big To Fail, "Flashback to Majestic"
Black Cock fr. Robot Child With A God Complex, "Starfleet Destroyer"
A Giant Dog fr. Bone, "Lady Slut"
Arrowz, "Believers"
The Strugglefucks fr. We'll  Take A Hammer To Your Mailbox, "Swimmin' Around"
The Famines fr. Complete Collected Singles 2008-2011, "faux famous"
The Golden Boys fr. Goodbye Country, "Circle in Hell"
Followed By Static fr. Smiles/Bones 7", "Bones"
Bonspiel fr. Tell Me About It EP, "Dropshot"
The Betrayers fr. Treat Me Mean EP, "Call Me When You're Blue"
Lad Mags fr. Lad Mags, "Sex Neat"
The Slates, "Veritie"
Nazi Gold fr. A Message of Love, "Rhythm"
Woodgrain fr. War Orbit, "Once Thru The Heart"
Magnet School fr. Fur and Velvet, "Swan Dive"