Belong fr. Common Era, "Different Heart"
My Bloody Valentine fr. mbv, "If I Am"
Disappears fr. Pre Language, "Minor Patters"
Julianna Barwick & Ikue Mori fr. FRKWYS Vol. 6, "Dream Sequence"
Rhythm of Cruelty fr. Debut 7" Teaser, "Walls Pt.1"
The Sweathearts, "Holy Fuck"
Banshee fr. Banshee, "We Don't Need You Anymore"
Pigeon Breeders fr. Ellipsis, "Balaclava"
Diehatzu Hijets, "freqs"
Krang, "Shake Joint"
Grouper, "Being in her shadow"
Explosions in the Sky fr. Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, "Trembling Hands"
Yo La Tengo fr. Fade, "I'll Be Around"
Matthew A Wilkinson fr. Postnamers, "Hesperusis Phosphorus"
Mogwai fr. A Wretched Virile Lore, "How to be a Werewolf"

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