Ben Frost fr. Theory of Machines, "Theory of Machines"
Loscil fr. Endless Falls, "Fern and Robin"

Melodium fr. Cerebro Spin, "Kissing Disease"
Andreas Serapiglio fr. Autumn is Coming, We're All in Slowmotion, "Steps on Leaves, Kids on Skateboard, Steps in the Mud"
Smokey, "Fields of the Bored"
Mark Templeton fr. Inland, "Their Light Reflected"
The Braids fr. Native Speaker,  "Lammicken"
Murralin Lane fr. Our House is On The Wall, "In The Woods"

Seefeel fr. Seefeel, "Airless"



The Braids fr. Native Speaker, "Lammicken"
Bjork fr. Volta, "I see who you are"
Radiohead fr. The King of Limbs, "Morning Mr Magpie"
James Blake fr. James Blake, "Wilhelm Scream"
Porn Sword Tobacco fr. New Exclusive Olympic Heights, "Cubical Fever"
Sonic Youth fr. Simon Werner a Disparu, "Theme de Jeremie"
Colin Stetson fr. New History Warfare Vol 2: Judges, "All the days I missed you" + "Lord I Just Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes"
The Awesomehots, fr. The Awesomehots, "I wait for you"
Nadja fr. Truth Becomes Death, Breakpoint



Fennesz fr. Black Sea, "Glide"
Minamo fr. Duree, "Helical Scenery"
The Braids fr. Native Speaker, "Native Speaker"
Colin Stetson fr. New History Warfare Vol 2: Judges, "Fear of the Unknown and the Blazing Sun"
Radiohead fr. The King of Limbs, "Little by Little"
Layne L'Heureux fr. New, "Dreams"
Diehatzu Hijets, fr. Doo Doo Boys, "cute yourself free"
Jom Comyn fr. Balcony, "New Raincoat"
Solo Andata fr. Solo Andata, "Ablation"
The Awesomehots fr. The Awesomehots, "I wait for you"



Home Grown Beats

Jaded Hipster Choir fr. jadedhipsterchoir.bandcamp.com, "Soak it up"
Eleazar vs. John fr. Pits in the Sandblaster, "Movements"
Greg Amundson fr. White, White, "Skin"
Jom Comyn fr. Comynge Tegythere, "Been Down Blues"
KRANG fr. They Came From Planet D, "Hot Rod Drag"
Diehatzu Hijets fr. Doo Doo Boy, "where you at?"
The Awesomehots, "I Wait for You"
Layne L'Heureux fr. New, "torture"
Black Mastiff, "last line of defense"
Zebra Pulse, fr. zebrapulsebandcamp.com, "the heaviest baby"