Brazilian Money fr. Friendly Neighbors, "Bored in Space"

Mlada Fronta fr. High Tension, "Lobotomy"

F/C Kahuna fr. Machine Say Yes,"Machine Say Yes"

Stereo Total fr. Do the Bambi, "Do the Bambi"

Mannequin Depressives fr. Girls Are Evil, "Dissolve" and "Erase it"

Ghostland Observatory fr. Robotique Majestique, "Robotique Majestique"

Health fr. Health//Disco, "

Grauzone fr. Swiss Wave The Album, "Eisbar"

Lioness fr. Lioness, "You're my Heart"

Luke Vibert fr. YosepH, "Countdown"

Plastik Joy fr. 3:03, "Problem With Humans"

Frank Sinatra fr. Romance 2, "Fly Me To The Moon"



Introducing Rockit Girl 

Autechre fr. Overdubs, "r ess"

Shuttle 358 fr. Chessa, "Logical"

Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto fr. Insen, "Logic Moon"

Phillip Dickau fr. This City, and You, "Our Cities Embraced the Ground"

Mileece fr. Formations, "Fern"

Mlada Fronta fr. High Tension, "Lobotomy"

Norihisa Hayashi, "Cape Verde"

Ohama fr. I Fear What I Might Hear, "Of Whales" 

Mono fr. Gone A collection of EPs 2000-2007 (3 x LP), "Finlandia"



Jaded Hipster Choir fr. Jaded Hipster Fire, "I'm Faxing Over Some Tallis, Ok?" 

Shuttle 358 fr. Understanding Wildlife, "Finch"

Autistici fr. Volume Objects, "Heated Dust on a Sunlit Window" 

 Mokira fr. Plee, "Snegsted"

Another Electronic Musician fr. States of Space, "Late Monday"

Loscil fr. Strathcona Variations, "Union Dusk"

Mono fr. One Step More and You Die, "Com( )"

KRANG fr. They Came From Planet D, "Hot Rod Drip"



Minamo - Sym

Solo Andata - Her Face Soft as Sleep

m. templeton & aA. munson - aTest

KRANG! Hot Rod Drip

Pole -Paula

Seaworthy - Map in Hand Pt. 2

Eamon McGrath - Dead Empire

Port-Royal - I used to be Sad

Another Electronic Musician - fields and axioms

in the background...a little Neil Young