Comets on Fire fr. Field Recordings from The Sun, "ESP"
Nu Sensae fr. Swim, "Sundowning"
My Gold Mask fr. Leave Me Midnight, "Never Go Home"
Beach Fossil fr. Clash the Truth, "Clash the Truth"
Deerhunter fr. Weird Era Continued, "Vox Humans"
Blue Hawaii fr. Untogether, "Try To Be"
Matmos fr. The Rose Had Teeth, "Solo Buttons for Joe"
Look Away fr. Eyeball Ep, "Mad Girls Love Song"
Yppah fr. 81, "film burn"
Sex Church fr, Somnambulist, "Slipped"
Cabaal fr. Liminality, "Glass Halo"
Real Estate Days fr. Days, "Out of Tune"

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