Pre-Austin Psych Fest Warm-Up

A Place to Bury Strangers "Missing You"
Metz "Negative Space"
Odonis Odonis "Better"
Low Times "I totally love you"
Cosmonauts "Wear Your Hair Like A Weapon"
Black Ryder "Grass"
Tamaryn fr. Tender New Signs, "Garden"
Suuns "2020"
Boris "Party Boy"
Goat "The Sun The Moon"
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Let The Day Begin"



Atoms for Peace fr. Amok, "Ingenue"
Lusine fr. The Waiting Room, "By This Sound"
Austra fr. Feel It Break, "Spellwork"
Amon Tobin fr. ISAM, "Journeyman"
Bjork fr. Bastards, "Crystalline (Omar Souleyman Remix)"
Daedelus fr. Bespoke, "Penny Loafers ft. Inara George"
Darkstar fr. North, "Gold"
Vladislav Delay fr. Tummaa, "Tunnelivisio"
Deru fr. Say Goodbye To Useless, "I would like" and "I want"
Chelsea Wolfe fr. Apokalypsis, "Demons"
Myths fr. Myths, "Deadlights"
Autechre fr. Oversteps, "qplay"
Eleazar VS John fr. Pits in the Sandblaster, "When Your'e Built Like That"



Pissed Jeans fr. Honeys, "Romanticize Me"
Free Judges, "The Bell"
Andy Boay, music from "RIP Eifdn AOD Suite"
Daniel Johnston fr. Fear Yourself, "Mountain Top"
Sir Ma'am Ma'am, "Papermate"
The Royal Iguana Fur fr. Bright White Coat Hanger, "I Put My Hand In The Pan"
Travis Bretzer fr. Saucy Tasters, "Gone From Me"
Twin Library fr. Lowways, "Lower Flag"
Ghostkeeper fr. Horse Chief! War Thief!, "HCWT"
Brazilian Money fr. Doug Nasty, "Can't Live in a Vacuum"
Diehatzu Hijets fr. Diehatzu Hijets, "Get Real"
Kemo Treats, "Pinky Swear"


The Knife fr. A Tooth For An Eye, "Full of Fire"
The Raveonettes fr. Observator, "Young and Cold"
Yo La Tengo fr. Fade, "Stupid Things"
Beach Fossils fr. Clash The Truth, "Taking Off"
Belong fr. Common Era, "Come See"
Meat Force fr. Radio Promos, "That Pale Blue Eye"
Ghibli fr. Clubs, "Vespers"
Swamp Sex Robots
Pick A Piper
Spacemen3 fr. Sound of Confusion, "Walking With Jesus"
Prophecy Sun