AIDS Wolf fr. Ma vie banale avant-garde, "No Females on Board"
Blonde Redhead fr. Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons, "The Damaged Coda"
Cat Power fr. Sun, "Nothing But Time"
Brian Borcherdt fr. The Remains of Brian Borcherdt, "New Mexico"
Ghostkeeper fr. Ghostkeeper, "well well well"
Whiskeyface fr. Soothing Absence of Life, "NY NY"
Hank and Lily fr. Crank City, "Pit and Pendulum"
Diehatzu Hijets fr. Diehatzu Hijets, "Running Horse"
The Betrayers fr. Treat Me Mean EP, "Call Me When You're Blue"
Sex Church fr. Somnambulist, "Hidden Hand"
Big Dick fr. Big Dick, "schoolyard violence"
Moon Duo fr. Circles, "Sleepwalker"
KRANG fr. KRANG/Shooting Guns split EP, "Shake Joint"

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