Look Away fr. Eyeball EP, "Mad Girls Love Song"
Banshee, "Art in the Dark"
Rhythm of Cruelty, "In Time"
Zebra Pulse fr. Heh, Vay Bae-Bays, "Hillbilly Galactic"
Energetic Action fr. Becoming, "Nightwood"
Pigeon Breeders fr. luminous debris, "INT ///"
Free Judges, "cradle me to sleep"
Taiwan, fr. TAIWAN / Hobo Cubes 12", "Red Room"
Look Away fr. Eyeballs EP, "At the End"


Continuum fr. Planetary Collective, "Overview"
Free Kitten  fr. Inherit, "Bananas"
Kinski  fr. Spacelaunch for Frenchie, "Floundering & Fluctuating"
Fidlar fr. Fidlar, "Stoked and Broke"
Shellac fr. 1000 Hurts, "Shoe Song"
Hooded Fang fr. Graves, "Ode to Subterrania"
Brazilian Money fr. This is Not a Dream, "Party 'til I'm Dead"
OJ Pimpson fr. First Grade, "Luv 4 U bebe"
The Vicious Cycles fr. The Strange and Terrible Saga of..., "Keep your hands of my bike"
The Mandates fr. The Mandates, "Photo In My Wallet Pt. II"
The Royal Iguana Fur fr. Bright White Coat Hanger, "Stifle"
Catgut fr. Fightpicker, "Chewball"
The Evens fr. The Evens, "Blessed Not Lucky"
WIRE fr. Send, "Mr. Marx's Table"