Nu Sensae fr. T.V. Death and the Devil, "new lies"
AHNA, "lost again"
PJ Harvey and John Parish fr. A Woman A Man Walked By, "Pig Will Not"
Puberty fr. Puberty Live, "Down by the bay"
MYTHS fr. Myths, "Prism Portraits"
AIDS Wolf fr. Ma vie banale avant-garde, "nothing but a tape recorder"
Free Kitten fr. Sentimental Education, "strawberry milk"
Congregations fr. Christmas is Not Your Friend, "you are trembling"
Chelsea Wolfe fr. Apokalypsis, "Demons"
Disappears, "Replicate"
Free Judges, "Number Memory Alpha"
John Maus fr. "Believer"



KRANG fr. Choke Hits, "Owlseye"
Sex Church fr. Growing Over, "Waking Up"
Black Mastiff, "All the right things"
Lightning Bolt fr. Lightning Bolt, "Mistake"
Stamina Mantis, "bananachrist"
Nu Sensae fr. T.V., Death and the Devil, "I'm A Body"
Broadcast fr. Tender Buttons, "Subject to the ladder"
Stereolab fr. Dots and Loops, Miss Modular"



Philip Dickau fr. Rough Dump Spring Fever, "It's Not Ok Ok"
loscil fr. Endless Falls, "The Making of Grif Point"
Tim Hecker fr. Ravedeath, 1972, "The Piano drop"
Ben Frost fr. Steel Wound, "Steel Wound"
Ferriswheel fr. Un Peu Au Nord Et Sans Distortion, "Un Peu Au Nord Et Sans Distorsion"
The Awesomehots fr. The Awesomehots, "Corne Pone Suppah"
Doug Hoyer fr. walks with the tender and growing night, "Lake of Mars"
Charlotte Gainsbourg fr. Stage Whisper, "IRM (live)"
KRANG fr. Choke Hits, "Provincial Flower"



Loscil fr. Endless Falls, "Endless Falls"
Bjork fr. Biophilia, "Virus"
Brian Eno and The Words of Rick Holland fr. Drums Between the Bells, "Pour It Out"
Brian Eno and The Words of Rick Holland fr. Drums Between the Bells, "As If Your Eyes Were Partly Closed"
Tim Hecker fr. Ravedeath, 1972, "Hatred of Music I"
Tim Hecker fr. Ravedeath, 1972, "Hatred of Music II"
Autechre fr. Oversteps, "Ilanders"
David Lynch fr. Crazy Clown Time, "Pinky's Dream"
Broadcast fr. Tender Buttons, "Black Cat"
Foonyap and The Roar fr. The Mes, The Mys, and The Swimming Pool, "Babel"
Find The Others fr. Find The Others, "I Like You"
The Velvet Underground fr. 1969: Velvet Underground Live, Vol. 2, "Pale Blue Eyes"


Broadcast fr. Tender Buttons, "Tender Buttons"
Anna Calvi fr. Anna Calvi, "Love Won't Be Leaving"
Colin Stetson fr. New History Warfare Vol 2: Judges, "Fear of the unknown and the blazing sun"
Ben frost fr. By the Throat, "Híbakúsja"
Free Judges, "Cradle me to Sleep"
The Awesomehots fr. The Awesomehots, "I Wait For You"
The Weather Station fr. All of It Was Mine, "Everything I Saw"
Patrick Watson fr. Close to Paradise, "The Great Escape"
Bill Callahan fr. Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle, "My Friend"
Smokey fr. Smokey, "Fields of the Bored"
Radiohead fr. The King of Limbs, "Codex"
The Braids fr. Native Speaker, "Lammicken"


Broadcast fr. Tender Buttons, "Tender Buttons"
Nils Frahm fr. Juno, "Peter"
Nils Frahm fr. The Bells, "Said and Done"
Tom Waits fr. Bad As Me, "Last Leaf"
Arthur Russell fr. World of Echo, "All Boy/All Girl"
Timber Timbre fr. Creep on Creepin' On, "Do I Have Power"
Ghostkeeper fr. Ghostkeeper, "Well, Well, Well"
Portishead fr. Empress Ballroom, "Sour Times (live)"
Sonic Youth fr. Hallucinogenic Preserve, "Teenage Riot"
Nadja fr. Numbness, "Long Dark Twenties"
Russian Circles fr. Geneva, "When the mountain comes to Muhammad"
Opus Finis fr. Pursue the Tragic Tune, "A Strange Entrance"
The Cure fr. Faith, "The Holy Hour"