Thank you so much to Zebra Pulse and in3stees for helping to make my Fundrive show a blast. Zebra Pulse played live in the booth, as per usual, and kept the funky space beats thumpin, all the way to Mars. Their music is a kaleidoscope of sound, a collage of samples, programed beats and other found/created sound. Refined noise. There is a lot happening in the music of Zebra Pulse and it is best seen live.

Estafania of in3stees made a few more Borscht in Space t-shirts for 2 lucky winners. If you can't live without a t-shirt that has a bowl of soup on a rocket, shooting towards the moon then maybe we should talk. . . I appreciate, so much, all of the donations that came into my show.

I will continue to fill the space with noise.
Rockit Girl


Nam said...

I would love a t-shirt.

an said...

I have a generic ladies small. Would that suit your fancy?