We took a machine, back in time, to Edmonton's music scene, circa 1980-something...
back to a little radio show called Lost In The Files.....

DJ Dash Paisley and Dr. Steady-hand-in-the-background decided to re-visit their crusty punk Edmonton music days and play CJSR DJ again. Together we hosted the first edition of Dusty, Crusty, and Rusty - a punk show dedicated to Edmonton's 80's punk scene. We laughed, I cried. Dash made a point of keeping all of the tastiest tales off the air and I promised to keep my mouth shut. Dr. Steady-hand-in-the-background dropped the needle, it was a group effort, we kept the vinyl spinning. Be sure to keep your ear to the mud because this will happen again, and it will be more fun than ripping down a single-track trail with your butt in the air, cheeks lacerated from the whip whip whip of tiny branches, arms bent, forearms pumping, yelping "ei yi yi rubber duckies!"

SNFU fr. and no one else wanted to play, "she wasn't on the menu"
DOA fr. War on 45, "war"
Richard Hell and The Voidoids fr. The Black Generation, "Black Generation"
Dead Boys fr. Down to Kill, "3rd generation nation"
The Undertones fr. Hypnotized, "There Goes Norman"
Demics fr. Talk's Cheap, "New York City"
The Dammed fr. Machine Gun Etiquette, "smash it up"
Iggy Pop fr. Soldier, "dog food"
No Means No fr. Sex Mad, "Sex Mad"
I. Braineater fr. artist, poet, thief, "wrong world"
Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra fr. Battle hymn of the Republic, "pushing for jesus"
The Wire "12XU"

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