Radiohead fr. The King Of Limbs, "Codex"
Joao Orecchia fr. Story of a Journey, "Never Like I Was"
Brian Eno and The Words of Rick Holland fr. Drums Between The Bells, "The Real"
Myths fr. Myths, "Deadlights"
Austra fr. Feel It Break, "Darken Her Horse"
Fever Ray fr. Fever Ray, "If I Had A Heart"
The Awesomehots fr. The Awesomehots, "I Wait For You"
Eleazar Vs. John fr. Pits in the Sandblaster, "When You're Built Like That"
Jom Comyn fr. Sunstroke, "Turn Away"
Layne L'Heureux fr. New, "Dreams"

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Nam said...

Borscht In Space was probably my favorite show on CJSR. I almost cried during the last show! I just want to show my appreciation by letting you know. Thank you for all the great music and please leave this blog up so I can go through all these songs. Thanks (: