...in the background... Mountains fr. Mountains, "Paper Windmill"
Eamon McGrath fr. Hard Bodies, "Ode to Old Foes"
Thurston Moore fr. Sensitive/Lethal, "Lonesome"
Drunk fr. A Derby Spiritual, "Hand on Deck"
Shuttle358 fr. Understanding Wildlife, "Rocks Are Nice"
Mark Davis fr. Eliminate the Toxins, "Waste no Tears"

Twin Library fr. The Heavy Drag, "When I Was So High"
Kurt Vile fr. Smoke Ring for My Halo, "Puppet to the Man" 
Grimes fr. Darkbloom, "Crystal Ball"
Un fr. Un, "Love is a Ghost"
Crystal Stilts fr. In Love With Oblivion, "Shake the Shackles"

Mika Vainio fr. Heijastuva, "Hikari"
Lia Ices, fr. Grown Unknown, "Love is Won"
James Blake fr. Klavierwerke e.p., "I Only Know (What I Know Now)"


trakedungsten said...

where can I get a copy of Hard Bodies from Eamon McGrath?

an said...

I don't know, he used to just record his own music and get it out there, DIY style.... he is currently signed to White Whale Records. Try contacting him.