Gregg Kowalsky fr. Through the Cardial Window, "Ashes from Evermore"
Melodium fr. Cerebro Spin, "Choanal Imperforations"
Marissa Nalder fr. Marissa Nadler, "In Your Liar, Bear"
Pink Mountaintops fr. Pink Mountaintops, "I (fuck) mountains"
Mark Davis fr. Eliminate the Toxins, "Dragon"
Mono fr. You Are Here, "Are you there?"
"S"fr. Puking and Crying, "5 dollars"
Smokey fr. Smokey, "mother"

Ben Frost fr. By the Throat, "Hibakusja"
Radiohead fr. The King of Limbs, "Bloom"
Bon Iver fr. Bon Iver, "Minnesota, WI"
Junip fr. Fields, "Official" 
The Braids fr. Native Speaker, "Little Hand"
Mark Templeton fr. Scotch Heart
James Blake fr. James Blake, "unlock"
Timber Timbre fr. Creep on Creepin' on, "Lonesome Hunter"
loscil fr. endless falls, "showers of ink"
Shuttle 358 fr. Understanding Wildlife, "Every day I worry"
Mountains fr. Mountains, "Blown Glass Typewriter"
Thurston Moore fr. Demolished Thoughts, "In Silver Rain With a Paper Key
Marcus Fischer fr. Monocoastal, "wind and wake"Tim Hecker fr. Ravedeath, 1972, "Studio suicide, 1980"
Kurt Vile fr. Smoke Ring for my Halo, "Smoke Ring for my Halo
Aus fr. Light in August, Later, "Later"

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