Daedelus fr. Bespoke, "Sew, Darn, Mend"
Des Ark fr. Dont Rock the Boat, Sink The Fucker, "Girls Get Ruff"
Explosions in the Sky fr. Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, "Be Comfortable, Creature"
Winterlight fr. Hope Dies Last, "Your Wings Make You Fly"
Fleet Foxes fr. Helplessness Blues, "The Plains / Bitter Dancer"
Book of Caverns fr. Book of Caverns, "tuxedo mask"
Myelin Sheaths fr. Get on Your Nerves, "halfwit"
Dreissk fr. The Finding, "To That Which Binds Me"
Austra fr. Feel it Break, "Darken Her Horse"
The Evens fr. The Evens, "around the corner"
Tim Hecker fr. Ravedeath, 1972, "No Drums"
EMA fr. Past Life of Martyred Saints, "Breakfast"

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