Ancient Astronauts fr. Into Bass and Time, "Bass and Time"
The Black Dog fr. Further Vexations, "Kissing Someone Else's D.O.G"
Julianna Barwick fr. Florine, "Anjos"
Little Scream fr. Golden Record, "Your Radio"
The Luyas fr. Too Beautiful to Work, "Tiny Head"
EMA fr. Past Life of Martyred Saints, "Grey Ship"
Alexi Murdoch fr. Towards the Sun, "Some Day Soon"
Twin Library fr. Heavy Drag, "Beware of Bees"
Paris Suit Yourself fr. Your Main Shitstain, "Rolln' On"
Geoff Berner fr. Victory Party, "Rabbi Berner Finally Reveals His true Religious Agenda"
Samantha Savage Smith fr. Tough Cookie, "Devilman"

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