Sonic Youth fr. Simon Werner Disparu, "Chez Yves (Alice et Clara)
Deradoorian fr. Mind Raft, "Weed Jam"
Kurt Vile fr. Smoke Ring for my Halo, "Runner Ups"
Jom Comyn fr. Comynge Tegythere, "Graham Chapman"
Julia Stone fr. Memory Machine, "This is Love"
The Concerns of Royalty fr. The Concerns of Royalty, "See me this way"
Murralin Lane fr. Our House is On The Wall, "She Collected"
James Blake fr. Klavierwerke EP, "Tell Her Safe"
The Books fr. The Lemon of Pink, "A True Story of a Story of True Love"
Ben Frost fr. Theory of Machines, "We Love You Michael Gira"
Free Kitten fr. Nice Ass, "Secret Sex Friend"
First Aid Kit fr. The Big Black & The Blue, "I Met Up With a King"

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