Valentine's Day

PJ Harvey fr. Uh Huh Her, "The Desperate Kingdom of Love"
Black Mountain fr. Wilderness Heart, "Wilderness Heart"
Kurt Vile fr. Constant Hitmaker, "Best Love"
Radiohead fr. In Rainbows, "All I Need"
Arthur Russell fr. Another Thought, "See Through Love"
Laura Veirs fr. July Flame, "When You Give Your Heart"

Neil Young fr. Le Noise, "Sign of Love"
Azure Ray fr. Drawing Down the Moon, "Make Your Heart"
Junip fr. Fileds, "Without You"
Julia Stone fr. Memory Machine, "Where Does the Love Go?"
Snowblink fr. Long Live, "Rut and Nuzzle"

Joao Orecchia fr. Hands and Feet, "When I Fall In Love"

In the background....Mokira fr. Persona, "An Invitation to Love"

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Richard said...

Listened to your show today (Feb 22) and thought it was incredible! I can't wait for you to post the track list (eagerly waiting). Richard