Porn Sword Tobacco fr. New Exclusive Olympic Heights, "Copyright the Universe"
Oval fr. O, "Panorama"
Small Color fr. In Light, "Daisy"
Molly Berg + Stephen Vitiello fr. The Gorilla Variations, "Gorilla/Variation 1 (for Eder Santos)
Snowblink fr. Long Live, "Rut & Nuzzle"
Melodium fr. Cerebro Spin, "Choanal Imperforation"
Foonyap, "#2"
Lithops fr. Queries, "Kahn"
Eleazar vs. John fr. Pits in the Sandblaster, "When You're Built Like That"
The Concerns of Royalty, "telescopes" and in the background...loscil fr. "Endless Falls"

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