Ben Frost fr. By The Throat, "Híbakúsja"
Sonic Youth fr. Screaming Fields of Sonic Love, "Halloween"
Opus Finis fr. Pursue the Tragic Tune, "a strange entrance"
Tim Hecker fr. Ravedeath, 1972, "In the Fog I/ In the Fog II/ In the Fog III"
Aun fr. Aun/Habsyll split LP, "Druids"
The Awesomehots, fr. The Awesomehots, "Howlin' at the Moon"
Smokey fr. Smokey, "mother"
Ahna fr. Ahna-Ahna, "Cult of One"
Shearing Pinx fr. Night Danger, "chemical appeal"
Zebra Pulse fr. Beginnings, "Basaraba"
Nadja fr. Radiance of Shadows, "now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds"
Nu Sensae fr. Sundowning, "Eat Your Mind"
Timber Timbre fr. Creep On Creepin' On, "Do I Have Power"
The Cure fr. Disintegration, "Homesick"

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