Braids fr. Native Speaker, "Native Speaker"
Opus Finis fr. Pursue the Tragic Tune, "a strange entrance"
Ben Frost fr. By The Throat, "Híbakúsja"
Asa-Chang and Jun Ray, fr. Jun Ray Song Chang, "Hana"
Quadrapus, "Phonographic"
Autolux fr. Future Perfect, "Turnstile Blues"
Brian Borcherdt fr. The Reamins of Brian Borcherdt, "Can't stop loving you"
Ghostkeeper fr. Ghostkeepr, "Well well well"
Tim Hecker fr. Ravedeath, 1972, "Analog Paralysis, 1978"
Lokai fr. 7 Million, "histoire DS"
Yankee Yankee

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