The Dead C fr. Clyma Est Mort/Tentative Power, "Sunshine / Dirt for Harry"
Stereolab fr. Refried ectoplasm (Switched on volume 2), "Exploding head movie"
Autistici fr. Volume Objects, "9v Tree Battery"
Gareth Dickson fr. Quite A Way Away, "Noon"
Julianna Barwick and Ikue Mori, "Rejoinder"
Brian Eno And The Words Of Rick Holland fr. Drums Between The Bells, "Fierce Aisles of Light"
Simon Scott fr. Below Sea Level, "_Sealevel.1"
Prophecy Sun, "I dream of horses"
Shearing Pinx fr. Rituals, "Rituals of Life"
Knotted Cord fr. Use Your Mind Powers For Hours and Hours, "Castle"


Anonymous said...

Thanx so much for playing my track "I dream of horses"

an said...

Thank-you for putting your music out there! a