Broadcast fr. Tender Buttons, "Tender Buttons"
Nils Frahm fr. Juno, "Peter"
Nils Frahm fr. The Bells, "Said and Done"
Tom Waits fr. Bad As Me, "Last Leaf"
Arthur Russell fr. World of Echo, "All Boy/All Girl"
Timber Timbre fr. Creep on Creepin' On, "Do I Have Power"
Ghostkeeper fr. Ghostkeeper, "Well, Well, Well"
Portishead fr. Empress Ballroom, "Sour Times (live)"
Sonic Youth fr. Hallucinogenic Preserve, "Teenage Riot"
Nadja fr. Numbness, "Long Dark Twenties"
Russian Circles fr. Geneva, "When the mountain comes to Muhammad"
Opus Finis fr. Pursue the Tragic Tune, "A Strange Entrance"
The Cure fr. Faith, "The Holy Hour"


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