Seaworthy fr. Map in Hand, "Map in Hand Pt. 6"
Xela fr. Tangled Wool, "You are in the Stars"
Brian Eno fr. Drums Between the Bells, "The Real"
Mountains fr. Choral, "Map Table"
Twin Sister fr. Bad Street, "In Heaven"
Twin Library fr. Softer Seasons, "I Asked her to Build me a Plane"
The Rentals fr. Return of the Rentals, "Friends Of P"
PEACE!! fr. Slow Children, "I Never Sleep"
Kris Ellestad fr. No Man Is Land, "Trees"
Doug Hoyer fr. Walks With the Tender and Growing Night, "Northern Lights"


Anonymous said...

Deathcube K

Would this fit with borscht in space?

an said...

yeah, i like it . thanks