Fennesz fr. Black Sea, "Glide"
Minamo fr. Duree, "Helical Scenery"
The Braids fr. Native Speaker, "Native Speaker"
Colin Stetson fr. New History Warfare Vol 2: Judges, "Fear of the Unknown and the Blazing Sun"
Radiohead fr. The King of Limbs, "Little by Little"
Layne L'Heureux fr. New, "Dreams"
Diehatzu Hijets, fr. Doo Doo Boys, "cute yourself free"
Jom Comyn fr. Balcony, "New Raincoat"
Solo Andata fr. Solo Andata, "Ablation"
The Awesomehots fr. The Awesomehots, "I wait for you"

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