Forrest Fang fr. Gongland, "Glow"

Andrea Serrapiglio fr. Autumn is Coming, We're All in Slowmotion"Steps on Leaves, Kids on Skateboard, Steps in Mud"

The Books fr. Lost And Safe, "If not now, whenever"

Solo Andata fr. Solo Andata, "Hydraulic Fluctuations"

Joao Orecchia fr. Motherless Brooklyn, "Ooo, Don't give me a headache"

Beth Jeans Houghton fr. Golden, "Golden"

Autostici fr. Slow Temperature - Early Works (Vol. II)"Carved from Lips"

Bruce Haack fr. Farad "National Anthem to the Moon"

Deradoorian fr. Mind Raft, "Moon"

Arovane fr. Tides, "The Storm"

Robert Hedge fr. The Cleansing Fires, "Home Sweet Home"

Zac Crouse fr. You Plan To Do Nothing, "Waiting on the wind"

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