Discovery Blast-Off
Nobukazu Takemura fr. Hoshi No Koe, "One Day"

Vanishing Breed fr. The Seasons, "First Season"

Felix Laband fr. Dark Days Exit, "Miss Teardrop" 

Mileece fr. Formations, "Formations"

Vladislav Delay fr. Tummaa, "Musta Planeetta"

Vashti Bunyan fr. Some Things Just Stick In Your Head, "Winter is Blue"

Deerhoof fr. Friend Opportunity, "The Galaxist"

Ohama fr. I Fear What I Might Hear, "Sometimes"

Daedelus fr. Invention, "Astroboy"

Via Tania fr. Moon Sweet Moon, "Light Years"

Nu Sensae fr. Farm Team, "Graceland (live)"

Stamina Mantis fr. Gato Fantistico Del Paligro Por Seimpre!, "I could eat 100000000 bees"

Autechre fr. Oversteps, "illianders"


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