....an arc of sound...

Taylor Deupree - Weather and Worn: weather

Giuseppe Lelasi - Night Life: Ruin 1

Sebastien Roux - Pillow: H67

Radian - Justaposition: Rapid Eye Movement

The Black Dog - Further Vexations: later vexations

Matmos - A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure: Lipostudio...And So On

Stamina Mantis - Gato Fantistico del Peligro par Siempre!: So Your New Girlfriends Gotta Dick

Opus Finis: A strange entrance

Max Uhlich: sauna knot

Andrew Weatherall - A Pox on the Pioneers: Privately Electrified

in the space behind me, The Heaviest Baby by Edmonton's Zebra Pulse

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