Wyrd Space

Kinnie Starr - Come off of Sun Again

Def3 & Factor - Losing you feat. Val Halla off of Drumbo 

Awol One & Factor - Celebrate off or Owl Hours

Feral Children - The Only Fun from Currents 

Krang - Speed of Tent

Puberty - Tarnation off of Live

The Ex-Boyfriends - From To the Lowest Bidder - The Secret of Immortality

Moby Dicks - from Lethbridge - Ogo Pogo 

Scissor Shock - ghost snoring

B-Lines - Social Retard recorded on nominal records

Nu Sensae - from three Dreams 7inch - Worm(s)

Stamina Mantis - from "Gato Fantastico del Peligro par Siempre!"
- Small Things Are About to Happen

Meat Force debut - from evil evil shit -
graveyard alive

...in the
background...Loscil and Jimmy Smith

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